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instapoll: blogathon edition

Instapoll: Blogathon edition

Should I do the blogathon 2002? If you think I should, what charity should I blog for? Do you think I could actually stay awake for the 24 hours straight necessary? Am I out of my mind? Would you sponsor me if I entered? Would you supply alcohol, drugs or blogging material?

Answer all or some. Persuade or disuade me.

Disuade me. Please.


It's totally up to you, but if you did, I'd certainly sponsor you! (After all, you did that for me last year! :))

You would be amazing at it, hon, but I worry that you would way overextend yourself. You're crazy-busy as it is, not that I ever have to remind you of that.
If you do succumb, the charity that immediately springs to mind is the one (don't know the name) that benefits the families of firemen who have fallen in the line of duty; I know that's where a lot of your heart is.

Perhaps you should get someone to blog by proxy. Attract the sponsors, but none of the pain. Of course, those visiting would have to suffer a lower level of writing quality, but you'd get to sleep! And we want you well rested so we can read your blog for the other 364 days of the year.

How about you join the blogathon and I sponsor you and try to get other people to sponsor you, too? Because I was thinking about it before as I was laying under my desk in a fetal position, and it probably isn't a really good for me endeavor to undertake at this moment in time.

So, tree, if you want to do it, I promise to sponsor you (as long as your charity isn't something like People For Jerry Falwell For President) and I will plead with my readers to not only visit your site during blogathon, but sponsor you too.

Not that anyone listens to me when I talk, but I can try.

those are some of the same reason why I am probably not gonna do it.... dunno if I can stay wake 24 hours... i'm afraid no one would sponsor me... I already have too much on my plate...

Or maybe you could set it up with a few bloggers from different time zones - everyone pulls a shift to make the twenty-four hours? Would that be cheating or a good thing?
But, much as I love it when you write, I really don't think you should do it if you have to do it alone. Don't make me worry about your health!

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there -- how's that?

Seriously, why?

Sounds like a deal. I'll be signing up tonight! Likely charities are something save-the-animals-ish or some other lefty, tree-huggery thing, or perhaps amnesty. Not Bob Dole's Erectile Dysfunction Hotline, I promise.

part of me says don't do it; save your energy and donate some money to your favorite charity instead. part of me says don't do it, because from what i know about you you'll be really cranky after staying up for 24 hours.

i guess that means all of me is saying not to do it. but it would be kinda fun to read all the posts you;d come up with ...

If you do want to do it, don't listen to radiohead in the last few hours... the boys can be a little melancholic. I’m not going to bad-mouth ‘em, but you know… can be a ickle bit blue. If you do do it, you’ve got to promise to wear your reproduction ‘Kylie gold hot pants’, singing ‘La-la-la…la-la-la…I just can’t get you outta my blog”… only kidding.
I don’t know if I can talk off subject, or whether I have to reply to an old ‘thread’ (whether you look at old topics or not), but did you think by any stretch of your imagination that the simple mention of ‘copper tube’ would snare me into returning to read your daily prose. Working in ‘the business’ which is ‘copper tube’ takes its toll and sometimes I have to surf the web just feel normal again. (fingers on lips) Shush… don’t tell anyone.

you could just sponsor me and skarlet as we blog for the EFF. or you could stay up and argue with us. poke us with sticks, that sort of thing. that way you could go to bed if you wanted, and leave us to suffer the horrors of trying to discuss the issues while totally incoherent. huh. what have i gotten myself into?

don't do it. it's crazier in your timezone than mine. eep!