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wedding planner

Wedding planner

We have really, finally set an official date for the wedding.

We are getting married on my 40th birthday, August 25th, in my parent's backyard. I can't think of a better way to welcome my 40's in.

And to prove that Paxil is really working, I have given up all of my control freak sensibilities and handed my sister a blank check to plan the entire wedding, from invitations to food to whatever else it is you do at backyard weddings. I will know nothing until I get there that morning.

We have opted for the "party atmosphere" wedding, with none of the traditional trappings. I did that once already. Didn't quite work out that time. So we are just having a big old barbeque for 70 of our closest friends and relatives (including some of you New Yorkers and future New Yorkers - and you and you will fly in, right?).

*This just added: Entertainment will be performed by Melly, who will do a ventriloquist act with Mattie.

Two months. I'm getting married in two months.


You already took care of the really hard parts--finding a great guy and raising two great kids. The wedding will take care of itself. I'm excited for you.

Congrats!!!!! Yay! And you don't even have to do the work?? Wow.

Congratulations! What a wonderful way to spend the day when you turn 40.

WOOHOO!!! Congrats, hun. :)

Maybe I am putting my foot wear my mouth is cause i don't normally do this....

Do you need a wedding photographer?

Unless I get a job that keeps me here, we may well be in Brooklyn that week...

for our birthdays. and to crash your wedding.

YAY!!! Congratulations!


Congratulations!! Have a great wedding. Backyard weddings are great!

Congratulations, Michele! I've just been through the whole wedding thing myself, so if you need any advice or whatever, let me know!

If you want, we can have our friend David come to your wedding. He brings good wedding presents.

Kick ass. Practice makes perfect!
Congrats Michele.

Congrats. Well wishes from Indonesia.

Marriage at 40 is different than when you're 20, because you see the world differently. To me, it's a bigger deal, and a more special event, because you know yourself better, and understand your world a little more.

A very sincere, and heart-felt 'Congratulations', Michele.

I don't feel very loved.

Congratulations! ;)

You don't know me, but I've been reading you a while.

Congratulations - sounds like you so deserve it!

Woohoo! This is fantastic... Just the way to do it. I'm so glad for you! :D

Shut up, Melly. I'm sending you a plane ticket.

Thank you, everyone.

Michele, that's wonderful. My sister's husband (my ex-best-friend) left her on the day she turned 40. I much prefer your scenario.

And my sister got her revenge. Married a wonderful doctor and is living happily ever after.

Congratulations! That is the best idea, to just show up and be as surprised as the guests. I've heard so many horror stories of over-planned, scheduled-to-the-second weddings that it turned me off from the whole idea. Now, a party, with no work, thrown by your best friends and such, what an ingenious way to do it.

Way to go!!

Thanks! We will sure try to make it. We've already started plotting and planning. :)

Dude!! Nelly's playing?!? We are so there.

It's a Midwest thang.... ;)

I shall send you an authentic Montreal poutine to use as a wedding cake.

Only if you bring it in person.

G'wan, make a balloon animal out of my rubber arm!

Congrats -- I wish you both ALL the best! That's the best 40th birthday present I've ever heard of!

Wooo, a date! Congratulations! :-)

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