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and then....

And then...

i love the sound of breaking glass.

My car. Shattered back window courtesy of my neigbor's landscapers.

Did I mention that on the way to work today I saw a utility pole fall on top of a deli?

Bad karma is stalking me like a deranged fan. Don't get too close.

But thanks Robyn, for this. It made my night.


Dude, blur out your license plate.

I am such an idiot.

Thanks, Sek.

They've got insurance, right?

that sucks michele. sorry that happened.

How in the world did they do that?

Holy crap -- hope they cover it! If I'd known about your day I'd have made you a whole pie!

That really sucks :(

You know I'm starting to buy that "virgos think alike" thing more now, though... that looks exactly like my car. I have a blue ford explorer xlt. Weird.

Ouch! Hey, you have no license plate!

Nice ice cream pie, though. Must have made it somewhat better.

i ran out and dropped to my knees platoon style and screamed GIR!!!

(we had a gir sticker on the back window)

I'm having problems displaying your style sheet - maybe because I'm running safari on OSX?

Parler vouz francais?