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credit cards accepted

Credit cards accepted

For sale or rent: 2 children.

One 12 year old female. Will vacuum and dust on demand, but unfortunately will not clean her room. Tends to be sarcastic, defiant and moody. Good for laughing at dumb jokes with, but will mostly just laugh at you. Needs to be fed constantly.
Likes to sleep and whine.

One 9 year old male. Does not do housework of any kind. Will entertain you by singing and dancing but only in a crowded restaurant, and only something with inappropriate words in it. Tends to be oppositional. Comes complete with addiction to video games and ESPN. Needs to be fed only once a day, and will only eat chicken nuggets, grilled cheese or Apple Jacks and will only drink Snapple iced tea.

Both are completely housetrained, except for the odd instances where one might pee in a Millenium Falcon. Female requires a broadband connection and AIM. Male requires a Playstation2 and the Yes Network.

Experience with children not necessary. A prescription for Prozac or a stocked liquor cabinet would probably come in handy.

Leave message below if interested. Best offer.

(I will also considering paying someone to take them if I don't get an offer soon).


I start the bidding at $10. I needs someone to haul in this firewood and patch up that damn dere roof.

Can you ship them to the UK? I am about to move house and have lots of boxes that need carrying (please include broadband connection with the package).

If they promise to root for the Red Wings.

My mom will take the girl, I'm sure. Only boys in the family, much to her dismay. The boy... Uh, I have a cousin who might want to play dress up with something. :P I see Chris's bid, and raise ... uh, $3.95, but I'll go as high as $15.

trade you for a five year old male child, needs to live somewhere without "stupid rules". doesn't eat much, and generally keeps the noise level under 130 decibels. generally.

maybe each of the kids could post a statement about what would make them desirable for adoption. You know, something in their own words about their charms? I mean I need to sample the goods here.

It goes without saying that that was incredibly fricking funny. But HELL no I don't want to buy your kids. Okay, well maybe one of them. The broadband one...I've already got broadband. Include a router for my cable modem and I bid $28.50. If she keeps the place vaccuumed and dusted I'll even feed her.

i bid 40 bucks and a bottle of tequilla - but that's in oz dollars, andd in return you have to take my warrant cassingles.
Oh yeah, I haven't got any of that fancy schmancy poofy internet broadband shit either, but I do have a hi tech torture room where I'm keeping the last 3 japanese exchange students we got sent
What colour do they like their handcuffs in?

HEY! Where do you get off selling MY kids???????? They love me more anyway ;)

Swap you for a teenage daughter (well soon to be a twentysomething).

Lisa, if you love them so much, they are yours. Did I mention that Natalie seems especially PMS this week?

And no teenagers. None. No.

I will, however, accept donuts as payment.

Send them to Berkeley, where we can put both the fear of irresponsible drug use and horror of the sense of priveledge into 'em, but good.
And they can earn AIM/Playstation priveledges by washing dishes - we don't have a dishwasher and I love to cook.

We've offered haven to my husband's teenage siblings on many occasions, and it's been dreamy (only one is banned for life). Kids want to be responsible, want to behave like adults - just not around their parents. It's amazing the decorum a teenage girl will exhibit when the payoff is being exhibited in a convertible and cruising the punk rock band houses of the neighborhood.