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lunatic fringe

Lunatic fringe

Speaking as a lifelong Yankee fan, one who bleeds pinstripe blue, one whose greatest moments of her life would include a certain Bucky Dent homerun, I can only say this:

I hate Roger Clemens with a venom usually reserved for members of the 1986 Mets.

He is an asswipe.

That is all.


You make Bonds sound like a victim. When you're a plate hog, that's what you get.

As a longtime Yankees/Mets fan (Mets first, I live closer), it's nice to hear some Yankees fan honesty when it comes to Clemens. He's a dirty, dirty man.

As a life-long Red Sox fan, I agree. This will never happen again ;) I still have nightmares about THAT homerun.

As a life-long Cardinals fan who had to put up with this same shit during Mark McGwire's homerun record season, I know exactly how you feel. Pitchers as a group are a whiny, pampered group of pussies. They can't bat, they can't field and they can't run. And as soon as someone steps up to the plate who they know can knock it out of the park they turn into a five year old. They seem to forget there are 8 other players on the field. Don't pitch around, don't hit the batter. Either rely on your teammates to back you up, learn how to strike that batter out (*gasp*) or shut up & take the earned run like a man.

Rant over now. Thanks.


Something that Mets and Yankees Fans can agree on: Clemens is an asswipe.