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dead or alive?

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Dead or alive?

Let's keep with the death theme, shall we? It's just so much fun.

So, John Gotti finally kicked the bucket. It always strikes me as odd when celebrities - famous or infamous - die. At some point, a famous person becomes a bit like a cartoon character or a work of fiction. Once they do a commercial for a long distance telephone company or make a movie with Ben Affleck or appear on the cover of a national magazine, or become part of an urban legend, they cease to be real. They become characters in some great cosmic storytelling contest.

It is said that when a neighbor accidently killed Gotti's young son when he struck the poor kid with his car, that the neighbor subsequently disappeared, poof! just like that. And if you believe the legends, please pick and choose which one you believe. That neighbor was either a) driven to a car compacting place, where he was tied up in his auto, the one that he was driving when he killed Gotti's son, and the auto was placed on the car compacting block where the guy was eventually crushed like an ant under a shoe; b) the guy became fish bait in the East River; or c) he is hanging out with Jimmy Hoffa in that tomb of the unsolved disappearances.

I look at the tv and see Gotti has died and I tilt my head like a kitten watching a goldfish and I think, how can he die? He's not real. Oops. My mistake. He was really a human being. A souless human, but alive nonetheless.

Douglas Adams, Joey Ramone, Thurman Munson. Oh, Thurman. I lived in a state of complete disbelief for days when Thurman died. Your favorite ballplayers just don't up and die on you, do they? Especially not during the baseball season.

And then there are the death announcements of people you thought were long gone anyhow. I mean, Perry Como died last year and I could have sworn he left us ages ago.

I'll be that way when Bob Hope finally goes. Wait, is Bob Hope dead or alive? There are hundreds of those people who, when their names are mentioned, everyone asks, hmmm is he dead yet? I'm not sure, let's check IMDB. Holy shit, he's still alive! Lorne Greene? Can't remember. Did Nixon die? Did Reagan die yet? Does Keith Richards know that he's dead?

Good thing there's a dead people server, because I have to check every couple of weeks to see if Walter Matthau died. I can never remember.

And I read the obituaries in the local paper every day. Just to make sure my name isn't there. What a bummer that would be, to wake up dead.


So I'm reading the article at the NY Post that Gotti is dead... Then the article starts talking about his family. His wife Victoria, her maiden name was DiGiorgio and they had a son named Frank... small world huh?

And for Keith Richards, I thought he was the skeleton for the Greatful Dead videos... Am I wrong?

Who knew there was a dead people server. Except for the obvious criterion, are there any others?

Yes...rest in agony...good point...

I remember when I was little and Gotti was first sent to jail or in court or something, and the news media ran a story about how he'd heard that some little boy had lost his dog in an accident so he bought him a bran new one. And I thought he was a swell guy for having done so. I lived in the highly simplified world where anyone nice enough to do such a thing was obviously an exemplary citizen. :)

You've broke my heart - I had no idea Douglas Adams was dead.

Why couldn't Axl Rose or some other useless git have taken the fall? (Not fair, I know, but I'm angry.)

Pete Maravich died during a basketball game in '88.. Imagine that.

I'd rather wake up dead then fall asleep dead.

Death sucks, but it also swallows and never spits.

(Yeah, I'm not sure what it means either, but it just seemed to go along with Leann's mysterious post)