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victory lap

Victory lap

yea, so both teams take the victory lap. It's a nice thing. And DJ was worried before the game because his best friend was the opposing team's pitcher. He was afraid the kid would be upset if he got a hit off of him. I asked him if he thought Peter would be that caring if he struck DJ out. Nope. So DJ went out there and smacked him for two line drives down the center. Peter grinned at him both times..

Final score, 10-2. DJ was 2-4 with 2 runs scored and 3 RBIs. He was the game's MVP.

Next game, Saturday at 3.

Thanks for the good vibes.


Look at that litle star!

Hey, you didn't let on he had so much talent. I just figured he was "just another member" of the team!


And go redwings!

Good job DJ! One more win for the Wings!

great job DJ - and great photo mom!

YAY. That's great. He must have been so pleased.