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Ball talk

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Ball talk

Two quick notes:

DJ has his first play-off game tonight. Itís a one game elimination tournament, so itís the proverbial do or die for his team. When I say he is uptight and anxious about this game, itís an understatement. So everyone, please send him your good vibes and good luck for tonight. If they lose, there will be no consoling him. Ok, or me.

Also, for you golf fans out there, my dad is working at the U.S. Open as one of those guys who shushes the crowd when their polite golf claps get too unruly. So if you are watching the Open on tv, look for the guy who is yelling ďshut the fuck up you idiots!Ē instead of just using the proper hand motions. Itís in the genes, what can I say.


Good luck DJ. But most of all, have fun!

Good luck! And yes, have fun.

And have some good, ballpark candy. Yum. :)

Good Luck DJ... hope you & your team play well.

As for the US Open at the infamous Bethpage Black course... wouldn't it be great if for once, spectators could shout, hoop & holler whule these guys play golf... Kinda like stadium bowling. I'd love to see that.

I live in Farmingdale, and wont be able to park on my own block, and my bike path is closed and there are snipers in the woods around my house. F the US Open. F it with all my might.

Love your page!

I totally understand your sentiments, Rob. Traffic around this area is hell right now, and will be for the rest of the week.

Damn tourists.

Funny how an over-successful economy gets the locals hot under the collar. I live in a border city, where international commerce crosses from Canada to the US in unbelievable numbers.

Recently, the truckers have found alternate routes to the border crossing points. Now, instead of having ONE impossibly crowded highway in our city, ALL the major streets leading to the border are packed with wall-to-wall big rigs.

Businesses along the routes are all dying, because customers can't get in/out of their parking lots.

So, yeah, I have sympathy for all of you guys.