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and when it came out it went drip, drip, drip

And when it came out it went drip, drip, drip

Nancy knows I am all about the phallic symbols. After all, I am the person who wrote an limerick ode to a gay man's leather clad package.

So when a got a plain brown paper wrapped package in the mail from Nancy the other day, I knew it would not be safe to open in front of the kids.

Lollipops. Phallic, cum-dripping lollipops. As you view the following pictures, keep in mind that these pops are marketed to children.

still virginal

ready for action

the head


finishing up

By the way, it tasted like ass. At least it wasn't salty.

And no, you cannot have the pictures of me sucking on it.

( I should mention that they are made with REAL FRUIT JUICE!)


Bahahahahahahaha! That is the coolest thing ever! Marketed to kids? HAhahahahahah. I love it. And that's right, real fruit juice... And I'm just the fruit for ya baby. ;)

why didn't they have those when i was a kid? man.


Those things are awful. A friend bought one for me, she thought it looked like a head.

Oddly enough, they do. Just not the one she was thinking of.

That is absolutely disgusting. I've never seen them before. I realize it would be a big joke to kids, but now I'm wondering whether the teacher who was arrested and tried for having his students posing to suck on lollipops was using this particular brand.

It took a while to find, and the archived story costs money to retrieve, so I am just posting a copy of a search results page containing the story...

when first reading this, I thought the links to the pictures were actually names of flavors. thankfully, the truth was slightly less disturbing.

that is so funny and marketed to kids...the ad guys are up to something...lol

michele, that was horribly disturbing. but i vow that some day, i will see the pictures of you sucking on it. by even alluding to their existence, you have damned yourself to years of aggressive requests to release them to me.