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needles and pins

Needles and pins

There is electricity in the air as a storm makes its way overhead. It is so humid you feel like you could swim through the atmosphere. The sky threatens us with thunder and lightning and a flood watch scrolls its way across the bottom of my tv screen. The wind brings with it dark clouds that swarm in like an army. Outside it is thick and heavy and the feeling of bad vibes rushes through the wind as the birds take to higher ground for shelter. An eerie darkness rolls in and a shiver runs up my spine.

And Dee Dee Ramone is dead.


Damn, where'd you learn to write like that?
(color me impressed, to say the least...)

So weird about Dee Dee. He was supposed to play in SF next week, I believe. Very sad.

Your links to the clouds, the birds, etc. are not functioning.

They are working for me, Jef. They are pop-up windows of photos. Maybe you are having a problem with po-up images?

he was supposed to play the Ventura Theatre today. they've pulled the article online but i scanned it out of my local newspaper (it's posted on my site).

it speaks of him 'kicking his drug habit'. apparently, not.

apparently not.