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have a drink, a pot of coffee

Have a drink, a pot of coffee

Things seen on the way to work today:

7:30 this morning, at 7-11: a middle-aged man sitting on the ground outside the store, extra large bottle of some cheap beer wrapped in a brown paper bag. He was wearing expensive looking shoes and a business suit that was about 3 sizes too small and showed his grungy white socks. He had on a Yankee cap and headphones and when I got into my car he seranaded me with some country song, but the only words that didn't get slurred were heart, car and what sounded like trucker but could have been something else.

7:45, on the road: A pick up truck with Virginia license plates that read 4BIDEN - and then:

7:48, on the road: A Toyota Celica with NY plates that read: 4BIDDEN

7:50, in front of a drug store: A person dressed in a clown suit, holding balloons with one hand and waving furiously with the other. He/she waved to me as I passed by and when I didn't wave back, jolly old sales-clown gave me the finger.

7:52, on the road: A father walking his son to school, but stopping to take a piss against the wall of a gas station while his kid looks on.

8:00, work parking lot: mr. bling bling.

Sometimes I feel like I live in a comic strip or a bad made for tv movie or I am just the result of someone's acid trip or fever-induced nightmare.

I kinda like it, though.


Wierd. Glad I stayed home to day. I need to defrag the hard drive in my head.

yeah. we like it too.

I thought you kept your camera in the car with you. Someday, we'll need to meet mr. bling bling in living colour.

America is so funny! I'll have to visit some day, I just cannot beleive it could actually be just like the cheap movies we watch over here on day time TV...

MrBlingBling sounds kinda like a guy called Len around my way - he's into Liverpool FC (soccer team) big time and carries a radio to his ear all the time even when theres' no match commentary! If you see him just reassure him that Liverpool will win that weekends game and he will get all happy and run away singing (to the theme tune of the banana splits) L-I-V, E-R-P, Double O-L, Liverpool FC...!!!

I saw two interesting license plates this week:

1. IM ELVIS ...It was on an old pickup, and the driver looked just like old, fat Elvis.

2. 34DD ...I had to speed up to get along side and take a look. It seemed pretty accurate to me.

wow! ... 4BIDEN - and then: 4BIDDEN just 3 minutes apart ... i'd be looking for some hidden meaning the universe was trying to send me - but that's just how weird i am ... :-)

I can relate. You can see even more surreal goings-on late at night...puts an acid trip to shame. My friend, Jimmy, was out one night around 3 am and saw this truck pulling a flatbed trailer slowly up and down and around the streets of the town. On the flatbed was this metal band flailing away at guitars and drums in some twisted rendition of "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. In front of the band was this politician-looking man in a three peice business suit doing this spastic, cortorted dance as they rolled along through the empty streets.

Who the hell needs drugs? Just walk outside.

I need to move to NYC. Interesting stuff just doesn't happen like that upstate!

Maybe the first car was actually expressing a fondness for Delaware senator Joseph Biden. Lord knows I can't get enough of the guy.

Further support of my theory that the universe gives you as much as you can take. Good thing you can take so much; mere mortals would crumble under the perversity of your world.

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