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lord vader has spoken

Lord Vader has spoken

Lord Vader, the Lord Vader that wears comefuckme pumps and derides blogwhore contestants, is quite pleased with the results of the administered whippings so far.

Blogwhore contestants may leave their groveling notes, bribes, offers of sex, video games or comic books here.

I am not your father.


hey Michele

Is there anything that is strictly Canadian that I can bring you down from Toronto when I come down to NYC next week?

Yes. shayne corson

Thank you.

hmmm that might be difficult to pull off sweetie. I don't think US customs will let me into the country.


Is it me or is the pace of the game a little slow. I'm waiting for someone else to post. I already have my third post drafted and waiting to post. But I wanted to see what other people had to say first. How is everyone going to make their 3 post quota?

So instead I have been posting bonus material on my site.

Would it be obsequious to point out that I have probably been reading your site longer than ANY of the other contestants. Hmm?

Blogwhore buttons are available on my site!!!
I even have one with Michele on it.

Oh, GREAT. Rannie is heading to NY? So he's going to whore in person? The rest of us are SCREWED. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Like Nancy, I've been reading your site for a hellalong time... that's gotta count for something.

You may not be my father, but when I read that I couldn't help but think, "Yeah, but who's your daddy?" Sad, isn't it?

Christine, you know damn well how to make brownie points with me. *cough*moveabletype1*cough.

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