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morning soundtrack

Morning soundtrack

I wake very early in the morning, before the sun even. It's still and quiet until around 5am, when nature shakes the sleep off of itself and begins the day with a cacaphony of sounds.

First there is the owl, who sings the same song every day, over and over, the tone or infliction never changing. WHOO WHOO whoo whoo whoo. Eventually the birds join him. There a million different birds around here; red birds and blue birds and brown birds with white tails and white birds with brown tails and screeching seagulls. They each make a different noise when they greet the dawn. Tweet, chirp, screech, caw, whistle.

So by 5:30 a.m. I am hearing: WHOO WHOO whoo chirp screech caw WHOO whistle tweet chirp.

The squirrels come out then, playing hide and seek with the birds and making them swoop out of the trees in a flurry of beating wings and they make sounds like twhpp thwpp. The squirrels themselves chatter to each other as they rustle through the limbs of the tree, making the leaves of the tree scratch against the window. Chatter, scratch, chatter, rustle, thwpp, thwpp.

So now there is a whole chorus outside my window. And the song goes: WHOO WHOO chirp tweet chatter rustle scratch thwpp screech whiste WHOO caw rustle and so on and so on.

At 6am the garbage truck makes its way down the street, brakes grinding and compactor whirring. The garbage cans clang and bang and the men shout ALL CLEAR! when the truck can move down the street. '

WHOO WHOO chirp tweet chatter rustle scratch thwpp screech whiste WHOO caw rustle grind whirrr clatter ALL CLEAR! rustle tweet screech.

By 6:30 it's bedlam. The high school buses roll in with their whiny brakes and the recycling truck with the beep beep beep as it backs up and people starting cars, alarms going off, planes and helicopters roaring and humming overhead. In the distance, the train whistles as it flies by a station and I can almost hear the clatter clatter of the wheels on the track. A bee buzzes by, adding an underlying hum to the mix.

All these sounds together are the soundtrack to my morning. They are the noises of life, the music of nature, the sure sign that here is another day full of wonder and hope and life.


It's times like these I wish I was an early riser. Not much chance of that happening, as long as I continue to go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Your description of nature's chorus brought to mind a recent commercial (don't remember the product) that features various sounds in a factory combining to form a rhythmic synergy. Perhaps the makers of that product should consider doing it again, this time with sounds of nature.

Birds. I hear birds everywhere. They are everywhere, singing to one another even in branches just two feet from the bus lane, and filling bushes like living ornaments on a Christmas tree. Even the pigeon is a fine spectacle in the sun, cooing, undulating, iridescent.

This post is waaaaay to cheerful about the morning... Where the fuck did Michele go, and who the fuck is this writing? (Love ya', M. :)

Oh, dear. I misspelled "too". I'm not an idiot. Honest.

That was great. I often find myself going to sleep just as morning turns from silent darkness to noisy greyness.

I can't wait to memorize the lyrics to your morning song with a little oooh shacka lacka shacka lacka shacka boom now inserted.

Trav, you misspelled "way" too. There's only one "a." Heh.

By the way, do your chattering squirrels eat up your personal lawn chair, Michele?

We have a neurotic mockingbird who starts his set about 4:40AM these days. Aie.

BTW Michele, can we have a "bottom 5" bands QOD someday?

Oh that's a fabulous idea, Laura.

Worst.Bands.Ever. Coming soon to a QOD near you.

I forgot to mention the woodpeckers. Damn.