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about disasters, fires, floods and killer bees

About disasters, fires, floods and killer bees

So New Jersey is on fire, hurricane season is upon us, London's burning, and the threat of nuclear war hangs in the air.

Yet, through it all, I am steadfast in my mission to discover the thrills of every day life - to discover new things about myself and the world that can only move me towards a more fulfilling life, nuclear fallout be damned.

For instance, just today I discovered that I am horribly allergic to Steve Guttenberg movies and that the Angry Beavers were really more cynical than angry.

And (like I told my amish tech support person tonight) if there is in our future a nuclear war, and if I end up one of the survivors and it turns out like the last few chapters of The Stand and I have to spend my post-armageddon existence with a bunch of freaks, I am going to go all Darth Vader on their asses and form my own dark side.


Two comments, Michele...

First, where do you find your sites of the day. I almost always take a look, and almost always enjoy what you've chosen. I really want to know whether you stumble upon them, or find them at random, or have them nominated. It's really incredible.

Second, the critique you posted on Steve Guttenberg movies was surprising. I had fond memories of him. Until I followed the link, and realized the last movie of his I enjoyed was back in the mid-80's. So, I guess I'd have to agree his career has gone nowhere for quite some time.

Uhm, thanks for reminding this coastal kid of the impending threat of hurricanes.

I'm still hoping we don't do the tropical storm thing like we did last year. Up to 2 feet of water in my neighborhood.