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come for the murder, stay for the beaches

Come for the murder, stay for the beaches

Nancy has an interview for a job on Long Island. What does this mean? It means she will be working but a ten minute drive from me. It means that she and I can hang out whenever, wherever and will New York ever be the same if me and Nancy and the blonde and Baz and Choire and mg hang out together? I think not.

Now I just have to convince Nancy that she wants to move from the loony bin that is Florida to the shopping mall/parking lot that is Long Island. She says "but what would I blog about," meaning that a lot of her blogging material comes from her insane and alien-like fellow state dwellers. Oh but Nancy, Florida does not have a stronghold on wacky newsmakers. I promise should you move here, there would be a ton of blogging material, plus a myriad of things to keep you busy when not blogging. Witness:

Give us your wackos, your murderers, your satanic youth begging to be today's top news story. That should be the motto for Long Island, chiseled in stone on a statue of the Amityville Horror House.

What do you think of when you hear the words Long Island? Probably Long Island Lolita, right? Do you get stories like the Fisher/Buttafuoco saga in Florida? We've also got serial killers, mass murderers. And did Florida ever have a teenage "satatnic" killing immortalized in a song not once, not twice, but three times? I think not.

Oh, the good things about Long Island? Plenty. They say when you are on LI, you are always ten minutes from anything you want. More or less, it's true. The beach to the east, the city to the west, grand parks and sanctuaries and museums, a great hockey team, crazy night life and plenty of shopping. You may have to put up with a lot of this, and maybe this county is one of the most expensive places to live in the nation and our senator is Hilary Clinton, but it's a pretty good trade-off to be my neighbor, no?

Think I convinced her?


Long Island sounds like a great source of blog material but I think you forgot to include a dreadful fact of northern life... WINTER!! Snow, ice, yucky stuff like that!! Nope, although I think you all would have a blast, I really can't wish winter on anyone....

You, Baz, Jill Matrix, Choire and Mg in one city? There is no city big enough.

Nor strong enough to withstand our power.

Heh, it's funny complaining about Northern weather this year, since the South got more snow than we did. :-)

Yeah, but do you have these guys?

Sold. Here. Let me get you the job lady's phone number. You can persuade her, too. :)