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and don't call me sweetie

Results are in from the great rock and roll poll

and don't call me sweetie

question: How many times do you allow a condescending waitress to call you "sweetie" before you stab her in the neck with a spork?


It depends. Who's on top? Whoops - I always confuse 'talk down' with 'go down'.

So, my answer would be 3 1/2, because she's only get 'swee-' out as I sporked.

And, and, and - I wouldn't leave a tip.

Her just saying it once shows you've been too nice to her. Spork one of them every now and then to show the others whose boss (or maybe even do it to the boss - that'll show 'em for hiring overfamiliar staff!) ;)

I just let them do it. I do look about fourteen half the time. (And most waitresses seem much more over-worked than I am.)

Not as bad as my friend, Scott, who is a sixteen year old actor. People are ALWAYS thinking he's younger than he is (although he finally started growing so that may end soon.) We went to a restaurant, and the waitress called him, "Little man."

One. Unless we're dating or on really close terms, NO ONE calls me sweetie!

I think the important question you all have neglected to mention is, What if she is cute???

She was incredibly cute, which annoyed me even more because she kept calling Justin "honey."

You are a true New Yorker, Michele, when you take offense to sweetie. ;-)

Awwwww, sweetie!
I'd have gone maybe 2, 3 "sweeties" before yanking the spork from it's holster.

Just for the record, I lost count at 12.

All I can say is if you don't like being called "Sweetie" don't come South. It's a common term here and one I'm guilty of using myself. It helps out a lot when you can't remember someone's name, and for me that would be quite often.

It wasn't a sincere sort of sweetie. It was like she threw it in after every sentence as an afterthought because she thought it would make me want to leave her a bigger tip. And she was like 20 years younger than me.

Wouldn't that make her 5 years old, michele? :)

Made my day, Jon.

overfamiliarity on the part of service personnel used to bother me intensely.

then i moved to New Orleans, where you can't walk into a store or a restaurant or a bar without someone calling you "sweetheart", "darling" or "baby". it's kind of sweet, actually.

these days, i have to watch myself from doing the same thing to waitrons during my visits back North. the last time i was in NYC, i said "Can I get another napkin, darlin'?" to a waitress in a restaurant on 23rd Street and she looked like she wanted to dump a pot of coffee in my lap.

(er, yeah ... what Lee said ... ;-)

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