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there's no crying in little league, is there?

there's no crying in little league, is there?

Gratuitous pictures of DJ playing baseball:

big helmet or tiny head?
stealing 2nd
stealing 3rd

Since when did 9 year olds become so serious about sports? At least one kid cries every game, or throws a helmet or spews out a string of words I never even heard of. It's not like the coaches put any pressure on them - they seem to be putting it all on themselves. When they were in mini league they didn't even care what the score was at the end of the game, as long as they had snack time. Now, they are serious and focused and have this "must win" mentality. And when they don't win, it's somehow their fault.

After Thursday night's game (a loss to the best team in the league), we had a little talk in the car:

"It's not your fault. That play was very hard to make. You know what I always say, win as a team...."
"Yea, yea, lose as a team. I know the whole speech by now." He sighs. "It's just not easy being a 3rd baseman. It's so much responsibility."
"Would you rather be a cheerleader?"
"Funny, mom."
"Seriously, you could wear a dress and everything."
"You're not funny mom. I don't feel like laughing anyhow. I'm really upset and not even your jokes will make me smile."
"What if I farted? Would that help?"
"You're such a dork, mom."
"Thank you."

And then a trip to Burger King made all the pain go away.


You're such an awesome mom Michele!

Sweet pics!


really though...that's cool

Yes, that was very sweet :)

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