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sexy is as sexy does

sexy is as sexy does

sexybryan.jpg v. sexyken.jpg

bryan v. wKen: Battle of the Bloggers. Who is the sexiest blogger between the two? Ken thinks he is, Bryan doesn't even know he's been set up for battle yet.

I didn't mean to start this, but now that I did, I'm gonna run with it. Cast votes, write-in ballots and peanut gallery comments below.



I like the fact that he has to look up to me, anyway. Shows respect for the elderly. What was that you mentioned on my site about bending over a barstool?

I said the prize does NOT include me bending over a barstool.

i should fix those pictures.

Bryan takes lovely photographs - but Ken has that great Feeding the Hunger header graphic. I'm conflicted. I say Michele needs to set some tasks for them to compete for the title!

Bryan. And not just because he's one of my fellow big pimpin' NYU bloggers (though he's graduated).

Ken, I would start countering with body slams and pile drivers if I were you.

bryan. he's got that "i'm a fun guy" look going on. sorry wken.

wKen, I think you need to submit a more competitive picture.

I looked on wKen's site, but couldn't find any more pictures.

Hmm. wKen. But they're both sexy.

Why am I not a candidate? I'm confused. Did I miss the primaries?

Yea and let alone me.. How did I get left out of this all. Don't make me sing "I'm to sexy for my blog" all day.

Yea and let alone me.. How did I get left out of this all. Don't make me sing "I'm to sexy for my blog" all day.

See i even cared enough to hit the damn button twice Sigh...

I'm way more sexier dammit. Who tore up my application?

Hey, these guys nominated themselves!
Anyone who wishes to apply, feel free to send me nude photos of yourself and/or cash.

Why can't there be a tie? Then they could service all of us as a team.
Did I say that out loud?

Ha ha ha. Yay Bill!

Also, how big are their man parts?

I'm 6' 1" and 195 lbs, Choire. Or did you mean something else?

I thought I was well endowed, but then I read ms. b's description of you, and now I'm jealeous. I would like to nominate Choire as "Sexiest Male Blogger". I am not worthy. Plus, he will show you nude yoga photos of himself. You really don't want to see me as a nude pretzel.

Choire? Are you ready for the responsibility of this title?

We have yet to hear from Bryan, so I assume he is not stepping into the steel cage.

Bryan, definitely

i'm amazed that even though michele picked a goofy ass picture from a year ago of me that i still got some votes. and thus, i feel i should add some more evidence to swing more votes my way.... can ken strut his stuff in the snow like me? http://subinev.com/SUB.php?x=features/snow2k2/4.html

i'm tough looking http://subinev.com/log/archives/00000972.html

and i of course some of my usual fare: http://subinev.com/log/archives/00000899.html

so in the next round, do we get to battle naked in a steel cage?

How about naked jello wrestling? But only if the judges can participate too.

Can I be a judge?

I think we should just screw the whole thing and you and I should wrestle naked, Bill.

Well, duh.

Yea. Like we wouldn't have done that, anyway.

Exactly. Isn't that what September is for?
Now all we need to do is get it on pay-per-view.

Do you need my credit card number now to reserve my hook-up? I'd pay $39.95 to watch that (and record it to DVD for sale on Ebay).

I actually like Ken's "relaxed" picture more. He gets my vote.

What? Nobody's suggested a "walk off" yet? Bowie is going to be in NYC this week...maybe he'd judge...

wKen! wKen! wKen! I vote for wKen ALL the way! Whoo hoo!