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help wanted

help wanted

position: coder/designer for Raising Hell

salary: none

benefits: working for a site that gets over 500 hits a day, working with four fabulous if egocentric and not totally sane people, our undying gratitude, satisfaction of a job well done, free sex.

qualifications: coding and designing skills, obviously. Knowledge of Moveable Type. sense of humor. ability to work with four people who can't come to a cohesive decision between them. ability to withstand the pressure of mig's unrelenting whip. (able to leap tall buildings in a single bound preferred but not necessary)

If interested, please forward resume and/or nude photos to: michele@rhzine.com


you paint such a lovely picture of the deal... I'll start preparing my resume as soon as possible, and those nude photos are in the mail.

Who's nude photos should I send?

I heard you were the sexiest male blogger alive, Ken. Send yours.

SKILLS: no coding. marginally talented designer. excellent kisser. enthusiastic and hardworking partner. can get the job done alone or as a team player.

Be at my house by 9pm. Wear something sexy.

Thank you for applying for this umm....position.

i would like to argue the issue of the title of sexiest male blogger. i would fight ken for it.

I don't know Ken...Bryan's a sexy bitch.

Send me a nude photo please, Bryan.

To quote Michael Jackson from his 1982 duet with Paul McCartney "The Girl is Mine" from his hit album "Thriller", "I think I told you, I'm a lover not a fighter." I don't think Bryan was even born when the album was recorded (long before there were even cd's, and IBM had just released the first 'PC'). I was married and close to becoming a father for the first time. Hell, Bryan could be my son. 'Sexy' is obviously subjective, and thank god some people see me that way.

Why don't you both send me nude photos? and then we can have a steel cage match.


There's always room for one more in that steel cage, Dan.

A "nude steel cage match" has a real homo-erotic ring to it. Do you like watching 'gladiator' movies? I'm gonna get my ass kicked.

only the pictures are nude, ken.

The steel cage match calls for costumes.

Gladiators? Did someone say there were gladiators here? And costumed cage matches? Damn, Michele's comment sections are far more interesting than most...

LOL! Are you guys seriously looking for help? Let me know.

Can you please tell me what all that is about please?