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somebody's watching me

somebody's watching me

Behind every politician is a motive. And inside of every public official is a tiger waiting to pounce on an opportunity.

Our current administration, fighting off accusations of incompetence regarding the knowledge beforehand of the plans leading up to September 11, have indeed pounced. They have taken their own mishandling of the situation and turned it into an opportunity to take one more step towards turning this country into a police state.

impetus to get pissed via laura


I've seen this coming. We are going to have to watch everything we say...next it will be the "Thought police"..1984 here we come! The worst thing about it is that they are criminalizing innocent citizens when the real terrorists are in the three peice suits telling THEM what to do. There's no better way to try to take the spotlight off oneself than by turning it onto others. The scariest thing about it is that the general population will think this is a GOOD thing.

You people are the scary ones. i suppose we should just let the terrorists plot against us right under our noses.... again.

You're more worried about civil liberties than being protected from another 9/11.

Which is more scary???


Yes, I am worried about losing my civil liberties. Too quote a cliche, if we lose our civil liberties over this, then the terrorists win.

As far as it being plotted under our noses - read the current news stories as for how it was hardly unnoticed by anyone. Had the proper people followed up leads and proper procedure, it may have been prevented. Without losing our civil liberties along the way.

[tongue firmly implanted in cheek]

Oh, Adam is totally right. Who needs freedoms if you have security? Especially security from all those nasty foreigners.

[/tongue firmly implanted in cheek]

see the thing is (and I admit here to being an ignorant ozzie, but we are nothing in australia if not yankee syncophants) I remember these things called consitutional ammedments you guys have
They're important, right? Like the freedom of expression, of assoication,the right to privacy etc?
COrrect me if I'm wrong, but just becuse some saudi arabians trained by cia oepratives crashed four planes and killed lots of people - well that doesn't mean that your consitution is no longer valid, does it?
Cos like we don't even have a bill of rights in Australia. But we do look to the US to be this shining light of democracy, and well, if your government won't defend your consitution, that means your not a democracy, doesn't it?
And if that's the case, and democracy is on the side of good and epace, then you guys must be evil.
And that's not good - some of my favourite bloogers are american. I don't want to go to war with Mellie and Michelle and all the rest...;-(