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you know you have a problem when....

you know you have a problem when....

A good indication that you look at way too much porn: You see a sign in front of a salon that says "FACIALS" and the first thought that comes to your mind has nothing to do with beauty products.



you're not alone


I just do it for its antidepressant qualities.... ;)

Better still:

You see a sign that says "ATM" and it never occurs to you that they're talking about an automated teller machine....

and yesterday a friend of mine asked me if i wanted a "pearl necklace". my mind was totally on porn.

Just down the street from where we live there's a salon with a sign out front that says: "Tucson's best facials." I've thought about taking a picture of it, and next time I see it, I will.

I knew a girl in highschool that thouht semen was good for her complexion. I didn't ask for any further details.

OK I'll plead guilty to not figuring out what 'Hump Day' was until about 10 minutes ago. Here was me thinking that, for some reason, all you Yanks were shagging (humping) on a Wednesday... DOH!

C'mon. Will someone explain Hump Day to me? They fix your humpback in the beauty parlour for 10% off?

so, do you also snicker when you walk by places with names like "The Golden Palace"?

Yea, and I snicker when I see an auto shop that promotes FAST LUBE JOBS!

This is going to sound really dumb... I don't get it.

"Itís just like a normal facial; but with cocks..."

So what's the problem?

no problem unless you're on your way to work and you're daydreaming about facials.

Heh. So true.


yeah, like watersports is really about waterskiing

What a relief to know that it's not just me occasionally chuckling to myself at those signs - and how nice to know that it's not just a guy thing.

I'm SO not going down this road! hahahaha

there are a lot of lube job opportunities in your neighborhood, michele. don't think i didn't notice.

That explains what happened with us that night, Baz. Had lube on your mind, eh?

Now when I hear Marv Albert scream "He serves up a facial!!" after a slam-dunk, it has a whole new meaning considering the source.

Okay what would an ATM be if not the whole automatic teller machine thing?

ass tickling man?
anal titilation modulator?
abnormal testicle manipulation?
Ahoy There Melly?

ATM is more commonly known as A2M... "ass to mouth". it's a porn term where a guy screws a girl's ass, then goes straight to her mouth with no cutaways...

Re: ATM ... OMG what a BAD idea! This is sexy? Maybe I am too squeamish for sex. Or maybe this is why I'm a lesbian. Hmm.

oh nancy, as if y ou don't rim ;-)

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