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i am ninja, hear me roar

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i am ninja, hear me roar

I dreamed last night that my house was on fire and people were looting my bedroom while dodging smoke and flames, looking for my CDs and DVDs. I ran after them with a plastic stick, shouting out "I AM NINJA!"

And now, today, thoroughly exhausted beyond any description, mentally wilted, sleep deprived and full of caffeine, I am running around shouting out "I AM NINJA!"

I totally forgot how tiring it is to work and take care of 19 month old hyperactive monster (my sister's). Honestly, I don't know how my brother-in-law is still standing after this past week.

I feel bad for him, and worse for my sister, who is not getting better and seems to be getting worse, and she has not seen her son in a week now. I have 10,001 things on my plate (well, the kids' plates) this week and I still have to find time to get to the hospital and back and pick up the baby from the sitter on my way home from work and my desk here is overflowing with work and I'm just about ready to cry.

I'm not trying to be a martyr or anything. Some people have lives like this all the time, not just in emergencies. I'm just saying. Right now life is kicking my ass and the asses of everyone in my family and maybe it's kicking your ass too, so if anyone wants to join me in kicking it right back, preferbably in its balls, then stand up and yell I AM NINJA!!



hang in there, sweetheart



It's rough, what can I say. :/

First, I give hug. hugs Michele
Then, I shout, "I AM NINJA!!"

sorry, i'm a gargoyle.

Sounds like the whole family could t-shirts with that printed on it right about now. Hang in there.....

Ninjas don't yell. They operate on the principles of stealth, so you don't hear them as they sneak up behind you and then kick the living shit out of you before you even knew there was anyone else in the room.

But I'm screaming "I AM NINJA!!!" for you in my head. No one can hear what's in my head. Except for that guy over there with the big parabolic dish antenna...