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qod, the return

qod, the return

Question of the day is back, with an informal music poll. Help me prove that good taste is not dead.

And, I am experimenting with some gallery making device. See the results, and DJ in baseball action, here. Still in progress. Just so you know. Although I am trying to make my own gallery on what used to be the journal page.


The very first picture in your gallery is showing the thumbnail when you click on it, instead of the full-sized picture. All the others are OK.

you know, he he, in the 5th picture, he he, it looks as if DJ's got a batt growing out of his butt.

Michele - here are a few "free" image gallery makers that I would highly recommend...

snapGallery - http://www.onfocus.com/snap/


Web Album Generator - http://www.ornj.net/

Most of my albums are done with snapGallery but I just found Web Album Generator [for my memorial weekend album] and enjoyed using that one too... good luck.

Thanks, Frank!