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hello kitty

hello kitty

As you can see I made a new logo today. I have totally scrapped the idea of a new design, because I scrap any ideas I have while I am pms. Completely ignore everything I say around the 24th of the month, please.

So I love the new logo (which is part of the poem tag project), but Melly thought I should have done something using a vagina. I don't know why, but I don't question what Melly says sometimes. I just listen and nod my head. I made one anyhow,just to please her. Cute, huh?

Thank you to Gord for fixing my missing perl module. He says I could have done it myself with no problem, but apparently he doesn't know my penchant for fucking up even the smallest technical things. Thank you, Gord. I shall now commence with the kitty pictures.


oh that vagina is classy! mwahaha :)

Please don't switch to the vagina. My wife will think I'm reading the blogs of perverts, and I'll be in trouble!

I really like the new artwork on the blog. The fonts, especially, are intriguing.

No more new design???


Oh well....

You might not have a vaginal logo, but from experience I can tell you that using the term guarantees more traffic from Google.

P.F., if you still want to do the design I will gladly accept it from you (as well as cough up the gift cert.)

it's melly's vag? Cool, i've never seen it before!

You should see what I design before you cough up gift cert. We would not want you to cough it up for a design you do not like...:)