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have you seen my perl module?

have you seen my perl module?

Missing: one perl module. Looks like this:
Perl module Image::Size is required to determine width and height of uploaded images.

I would like to install the new version of MT (well Christine is doing it for me) but I don't think I can do it without this perl module and honestly, I don't know a perl module from a lunar module. Also, it's really a pain in the ass when I want to upload pictures and can't make them a pop-up, etc. So any help you could give me here would be more than appreciated.

Please note that I am now using, and enjoying, blogrolling.com to maintain my links. Entering over 100 URLs is both tedious and mind-numbing, so if you used to be in the sidebar and now you're not, please let me know. It was just an error of a short-circuited brain, not any deliberate dropping of names.


The directions for installing missing perl modules in MT's manual are super clear and pretty easy. If you can FTP, you can install 'em.

if i had the slightest inkling what a perl module was, maybe i could help you. but raine did it all for me, so uh, no. but, thanks for linking that blogrolling thing, that is truly cool.

I'm horribly late getting on the bandwagon for this one, but here's my $.02 anyway (or $.04 Canadian, rot the exchange rate):

Just follow the directions on the MT site. I don't know feckall about installing Perl, or modules thereof; but last week I got MT installed with no problems. I had to install three - count 'em, three-Perl modules. Easy as pie.

Though if you don't want to use MT to upload and make thumbnails of your images, don't worry about this module. It's only used in the image uploading functions (I know, because I didn't install it, and MT works fine for me.)

It was the customisation that gave me nosebleeds...

Oo. You missed me... But I moved anyhow! :)

Sorry, Anathea, putting you and your new home in right now.