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time standing still


Yes, today is Justin's birthday. Be a good reader and leave him a birthday message in the comments. And he knows what the above picture means. That's all that matters.

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happy brrdday to you Justin!

hapy birthday justin!!! have a great one!

Oh, he's a gemini! - that explains a lot. no one can resist the gemini charms. happy birthday, justin.

Happy Birthday Justin!!! Don't worry - your present is coming sooner than you think! Michele and I are working on it - getting closer. :)

happy birfday, justin!

well happy birthday mr. justin. it's a beautiful day here in georgia- i hope your birthday weather is nice where you live too.

you saved michele from death by hair metal and for that I can only say thank you and happy birthday

Happy birthday Justin - you make Michele happy and so I approve of you. :D

Happy Birthday Justin!
Wishing you many happy returns, hoping that you have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday to you, Justin! You're an odd fellow but you steam a good ham.

(I have no idea what that means, but somebody said that about me once. So I'm passing the wisdom on to you.)

AWWWWWWW! kick ass, Thank you all oh soo much!

happy birthday, justin!
can we clone you?

happy birthday ... I hope you get laid multiple times!

Happy b'day, Justin. May the Schwartz be with you.

Happy birthday.

Have a cupcake. :)

Happy birthday Justin. Hope you get everything you ask for.

Michele, I remember the first time you told me that "I love you so much I want to dig a hole..." quote, it was wonderful and so...true. ha. Happiest of birthdays Justin!!!

Happy Birthday, Justin. I hope you get all the boobie action from Michele that you could ever desire!

Justin! Happy Birthday--and l'chaim!

Hoping you had a wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday, Justin! I hope it's a wonderful day!

Happy birthday, Justin.

Happy birthday!! Thanks for making Michele so happy.

who are you this is well random