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My sister is not, in fact, doing better. She has been spiking a fever of 103.5 for 4 days now, and they have no idea why. She has already 3 different IV antiobiotics and none of them worked. They have called in an infectious disease doctor who is running every test imaginable on her.

I'm headed up there now to keep her company until DJ's game starts. Again, thanks for the concerned emails and I will keep you posted.

update: apparently she has lymph nodes that are right next to the area where the Crohn's Disease is, and the nodes are infected, which is causing the fever. So again, better news than was expected, though it still sucks for her.


I am sorry to hear that Michele, I hope she gets better soon.

Oh no. I hope she gets better shortly.

Michele, please keep me informed - let me know if there is anything I can do. Give me a call if you need to talk - I'm here for you!