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Blow up dolls

Blow up dolls

Got another package in the mail from the delicious Jonno today. He said it was calling out to me when he saw it in the mall and he just had to get it.

I always wanted a blow-up friend. The fact that's it's Spongebob makes it even better.

Here's Sponge at the computer.

No, he's not looking at porn, you freaks!!

Or....is he?


Hee hee!
I have an inflatable Scream doll, but this is better.

Now we know about your porn collection!

that is the funniest thing I have seen in a while!! it is afuckingdorable!

Nice! I have the big Spongebob stuffed dude...he has on the Krusty Krab hat and a little spatula in his hands...

oooooh, nasty sponge! but he's SO HAPPY!

Does he really need the cumrag? I mean, he's a sponge; wouldn't he be self-absorbent?

It was just for ummm...artistic effect.

OK, seriously? I saw the same doll on Saturday and thought the same thing [freaky] but resisted because I'd found those merry phallic lollipops. Those are on the way this week.

glad the package arrived sans punctures!

now all i wanna know is what you're doing with a video called "Nikki Never Says No" lying around the house ... ?