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sigh of relief

sigh of relief

Good news from the hospital. They finally got my sister into a room (more than 24 hours later) and the test results are all coming back good so far. I never thought I would say that I'm thankful it's the Crohn's...well I'm thankful it's just the Crohn's. We were all pretty scared for a while there. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes.

We're headed up to the hospital now to take over for my bro-in-law and then everyone is meeting up at a restaurant later for a surprise birthday get together for Justin. I hear some hard-earned tequila calling me.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging program tomorrow.


That's great news regarding your sister.

Glad to hear the news too. And yes after so much stress you all deserve a fun party :)

I'll drink tequilla with you at BT tomorrow!! Glad that Jo is comfortable now.

Eh, I already told Jo we would visit her at lunch. I don't think they serve tequila in the hospital cafeteria.

Glad to hear the tests are coming back ok! Hope she'll start improving so she'll be home soon...

Yay. I'm glad she's ok.

Glad to hear that your sister is ok.

Oh no, what a pain in the... no, I'm not gonna say it.

I have a handful of friends with that particular affliction. It seemed like the worst part, for them, was the really long period leading up to a proper diagnosis. I hope that is true for your sister!

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