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My sister is in the hospital with complications resulting from Crohn's Disease.

Updates may be sporadic while I help out with my nephew and stuff.


My friend Ross has Crohn's -- nasty stuff. He's actually in the hospital right now having a corrective surgery done... I wish you, and her, luck. (And lemme know if you want me to put you in touch with him.)

My BF's ex wife has Crohn's and it is hitting her pretty bad at the moment. Big Hugs I know how difficult it can be, even in the supporting roles.

Hugs. Hugs and tequila and fuzzy godzilla bunnies.

please call me if you need anything.

Sorry to hear it. [I almost said crap.] I'll have you all in my thoughts.

I had to rush my boy to the ER at 1 am, Wednesday night for similar issues. It was not a good night.

I am glad your sister is ok. Or as ok as she can be. :)

Misery loves company, hence my post.

I hope he is doing ok...

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