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breaking news

breaking news

This just in: Mike Piazza is not gay.

I always question the sincerity of the people who feel the need to announce that they are not gay (see also, Tom Cruise). It's like the "whoever smelled it, dealt it" rule of farting.

Anyhow, according to my search requests, Piazza better watch out the next time Chuck Knoblauch brushes up against him.


"Piazza's sexual orientation became an issue Monday when the New York Post suggested Valentine's remarks about gays in an upcoming magazine article could be a prelude to one of his players saying he is homosexual."

Could it be someone might just need something a little more time-consuming and constructive to do than to try and pontificate on a sport's figure's sexual orientation?

The homosexual community tries so diligently to JUST BE. You know? How in the world could that possibly happen when major publications throw up giant red flags every time some ball-tosser (hmm...sounds, well, not quite right somehow, doesn't it?) makes some remark that leads them to think he might be checkin' the specs in the locker room?

You'd think some of the more astute homosexuals in these publication offices might see these things and go "Ah yes. Trash this. Not a story. What else you got?"

I really don't care.

About him being gay or not gay.

I care very much about this post.

I'm really bothered by the whole thing. I'm not sure what part is worse. Perhaps that we have reduced ourselves to the level of making someone's not being gay "news." Or maybe it's the ever present "not that there's anything wrong with that" comment that seems to follow this topic around. I hate that comment, not because I disagree. In reality I couldn't agree more, but because it just seems forced. Maybe I'm being jaded, but I'm tired of people saying they don't care. Are you telling me that every baseball player would open their minds and hearts to a gay player (even if he was as good looking as Piazza)? There would be more than one moron who didn't want to play on his team for fear of being oggled in the shower.

Good for the gay Met. I hope a whole slew of gay baseball players come out and piss a lot of people off. It's about time this world got pissed off about this topic. It just strikes me as a polarizing issue. Either you're for it or against it, and maybe I'm just in an antagonistic mood, but I want to see who's on my side of the "line in the dirt."

As an interesting aside, did anyone ask John Rocker what he thinks about Piazza's not being gay? Maybe Rocker will finally tell the world he's gay. Wouldn't that be perfectly ironic?

I really couldn't care less whether or not Piazza is gay, straight or asexual. The post was just intended to poke fun at people who feel the need to shout from the rooftops that they are NOT gay.

Sure, it would be nice if all the gay ballplayers (and odds are there are quite a few) could come out and still be accepted and welcomed and cheered. But let's be realistic. This is professional sports. The machismo runs thick.

In a perfect world, people would just be allowed to be themselves no matter what their sexual orientation, religion, race, whatnot. But this world is far from perfect, and people still feel the need to hide the things about them that may produce fear in other people.

And it's the people whith those fears that make it a less than perfect world.

Gay or not, he's still an over-rated prima donna jerkwad. Which was bad enough when he was with the Dodgers but as a Met makes him entirely intolerable. But you don't see anyone writing stories about that, do you?

Hey, I despise the Mets AND the over-rated prima donna jerkwad. Which is why I felt like making fun of him.

I pretty much said the same thing about Chuck Knoblauch when I kept getting search requests about whether he is gay or not. I don't really care who he fucks, just field the god damn ball, already.