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what's pissing you off today?

what's pissing you off today?

I'll start.

-The girl who temporarily blinded me today with the cd hanging from her rear view mirror.

-Grinds in my coffee.

-The guy in the deli who spoke to my breasts insead of me.


--Ignorant people.

Your turn.


Holy goddamn.

People who use a non standards compliant browser then bitch at you when your site doesn't do what THEY want it to do. Kiss my ass, fuckboats.

That you live too far away for me to get drunk with you, mock all the stupid people together while slamming back tequila shooters and then dance on the tables and get dollar bills tucked into the waists of our jeans by hot young studs who we will reject because of their lack of brainpower.

Not being able to stare at your breasts while I'm talking to them.

melly is running naked through my comments today.

That's not pissing me off or anything. I'm just sayin...


Ignorant people

Forgotten passwords

Combinations of the 2 previous

- People who call into work because it's a beautiful day.

- People who do not know their state abbrivations. (LA is not Los Angeles!)

- People who sell marijuana but never have any when I want some.

- My kittens for refusing to use the litterbox that we bought especially for them.

People in administrative positions who don't feel like returning my phone calls or treating me with respect simply because I am a college student.

This could get nasty

- Dickhead English guys with their stupid accents (Not all English people. Just a certain breed.)
- Stupid professors who put things we never even studied on finals
- Opticians. I hate opticians. Their stupid rules about contact lens safety, and how their rules end up making me pay more (funny, that).
- Banks. Banks and stupid bank charges.

Phone queues with no way to talk to a live person.
Phone queues with live people who can't see any of the ID numbers you painstakingly had to punch into the phone to get to them.
Prospective employers who say they're about to call you with an offer and then never call and won't answer your emails.
People who've never been to your site and obviously hate it and leave comments to that effect to honk you off even though they'll never be back.
People who obviously hate your site and keep coming back and leaving comments.

The bitch at my work. I obviously won't talk about it on my site, because I have seen what has happened to others as well as my own experience with blogging about work, but this is a safe(?) haven. That freak talks down to me like I am her fucking kid or something. She looks like an old withered up librarian. I had to make a concerted effort today not to tell her to stick her DFL forms up her ass, a la Donnie Darko style.

For starters, co-workers who don't do the job that they told you they would.

Kiss my ass, fuckboats?

Love this. New bumper sticker.

> -The guy in the deli who spoke to my breasts
> instead of me.

Someone needs to sell a bra that talks. With a remote in your pocket or purse, you (or even a friend) would be able to send it a signal to say one of a handful of statements, depending on your mood and your gawker: "Stop looking at my tits." "What are you looking at, asshole?" "Miss your mommy?" "If you wanna see more, you just hafta ask." "They aren't real." "Don't try anything, buster. I got here first." Etc.

Meanwhile, you could be casually looking away or sipping a drink or eating a doughnut.

Here goes:
- being bored out of my tree for weeks on end at work, even though I'm being paid for it
- female workers in college counseling offices who tell females, "You know, women don't get paid as much as men in engineering. You shouldn't try to be an engineer." (long-ago memory...but still chaps my ass)
- people who use noncompliant browsers and bitch that your CSS-driven layout doesn't look good - YES!! DEFINITELY!!
- co-workers who spend more time thinking up reasons not to do work, than doing actual work
- people on support forums who answer the wrong questions, then act like you're the idiot who can't figure out how to troubleshoot

"Kick my ass, fuckboats..." Sekimori is my verbiage hero for the day.

Credit where credit is due...I first saw "fuckboat" at Angry White Girl. Kara is the Master of Inventive Invective.

The chick in the office that puts overtime on every time card, but spends half of the day on the phone with friends, arranging plans for the football game next weekend -- down to the details of what to eat for lunch and what snacks to bring. Meanwhile, company profit sharing is next to nothing....

Gum popping, humming, loud laughing people who scream like a horror movie at the sight of a bug. And this is at WORK!

Q What's pissing me off?

A Not knowing if I'm pissing someone else off!

you useless cunts