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word sex

word sex

ed note: This was all Melly's idea. I take no credit for it whatsover. Even if she speaks to my tits when she talks to me, she still deserves the credit and I deserve a spork up my ass.

My blogger insider pal this week is amy the tart. We have decided to do something different, though. Instead of trading questions, we traded sentence fragments. Or like I explained to Amy:
we could call it word sex. it would be like oursentences intermingling like bodies lathered in sweat...

Amy has not finished hers yet, but here are mine. What Amy wrote is in bold, the rest of the sentence is mine.

Orange Fanta soda makes my mouth recoil in absolute disgust.

The girl in the dirty sweater probably listens to Dashboard Confessional.

Animals that make big poops will not find a home in my house.

Sometimes when I'm walking I randomly strip off pieces of my clothing
until I find myself naked outside of the miniature golf course and the police come. Again.

Yesterday when I was brushing my teeth I discovered that Harry Potter
toothpaste tastes like ass.

Yuck....that tongue running up and down my back sure is hairy.

Balloons make excellent fake boobs.

Teachers can be the cause of, and the solution to, all of life's problems. Wait, that's alcohol.

Hotpants are NOT a right. They are a privilege.

And there you have it. Wasn't that fun?


That was fun! I want to do it too!

Chris Carrabba is the son of the devil.

Word Sex?

I hope you had protection.

What a great idea!!! You ladies are terrific. Would you mind terribly if I made small plastic statues of you and glued you to my dashboard?

I'd rather you made a plastic statue of me and...



I am yelling this at your boobs by the way.

Ok, I'm a fucking asshole.


I was yelling that at your crotch.

Don't yell at my crotch, it will mistake you for a middle-aged, sociopath and will want to fall all in love with you.

...so I can tell my middleaged sociopath friends to yell at your crotch?

(Actually, I don't have any middleaged sociopath friends. I do know some middle aged sociopaths, though. I'll send them your way with appropriate instructions. And you can kill them. And thus do the world one hell of a great service.)

"Talk to the hand."
"Not while it's in your trousers, I won't..."

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