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This is what my desk looks like today. It will probably be what my desk looks like at the end of the day. It's a Tuesday that's shaping up like a Monday and I am pretty sure that by the time I get to bed tonight, after work and baseball and basketball, I will breathe a sigh of relief that I did not murder anyone.

And if I do decide to spork someone to death today, at least I can catch it all on the digital, make a flash movie of it, and sell it to Fox.

Boy, are you guys gonna be sorry I bought this camera.


Where'd you get that wallpaper?

You need more coffee cups.*wink*

The wallpaper is from exploding dog. I use a different picture from that site every day.

I have never seen an actual sporking.
Sure would perk up my miserable Tuesday.

if you don't, can i at least get a picture of the spork? i can do the rest with my imagination. either that, or i'll set it as my wallpaper.

I can see bits of desktop. Doesn't count as messy when you can still bits of desk. And, where are all the post-it reminders on the monitor? No, you have a ways to go on desk clutter.

Your office looks quiet--is it?

It's quiet because I have a yellow police "DO NOT CROSS" banner across the door.

Seriously, it is very quiet inside the office. Right outside the hallway though is the courtroom where people who have not lived up to their end of agreements stemming from criminal probation cases get taken away in cuffs. I hear a lot of crying.

Nice wallpaper.

I'm going to take spork pictures today. Maybe even bloody sporks.

throw it down the laundry shute ... chute ... damn.