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here they come

here they come

Just fooling around with the camera now and getting used to the different settings.

moon over long island

not a cat picture

sepia statue

I'm having fun.


This is so kewl! I have that angel statue in my back yard! I bought it 12 or 13 years ago at a flea market/antique show in Ohio, and I carted the darn thing around for HOURS. It has been in every garden I've had since then, and now sits in Phoenix, AZ.

Too kewl!

digital camera = creative fun

I went across the street, sat under some flowers, snapped a photo of it, and made a card with it on mother's day. Mom loved it. After going down on my motorcycle (err, being knocked down by a car), I whipped out my digital and made a full photographic report for the insurance company. They loved it.

I made a giant robot for biological science, and photographed every step so that other scientists could do it too. It's one of the best buys I ever made.

I'm disapointed, I like cat pictures.

To Desert Mermaid:

are you sure this hasn't anything to do with
The Legend of the Gnome?