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action figures caught on tape!

action figures caught on tape!

I've been noticing strange things in the morning. Like someone has been having a a grand time in the house while everyone is sleeping. It happens every couple of nights so I left my video camera on last night to see if I could capture the culprits in action. And it's just as I suspected: My action figures have been throwing wild parties in the wee hours of the morning.

Action figures caught on tape, the transcript:

Boba Fett: I cannot believe that you guys invited my father. How am I supposed to have a good time now?
Zorak: Your father is piss drunk. I don't think he even knows you're here.
Tri-Klops: Hey, look at all the goth kids standing in the corner. Freaks!

(At the goth corner)
Morpheus: Did you guys know I have a weblog?
Crow: Yea, I saw your little blog. You should really be careful who you talk about, you know. Edward Scissorhands came across that piece you wrote about his horrible fashion sense. He was really hurt.
Alice: Anyone have any ecstacy?
Jack Skellington: This party blows. There's no chicks here.
Eddie: Oh, there's chicks here. But those bitches only want the superhero guys.

(over where the superheros are hanging out, drinking from a keg)
Luke Skywalker: Man, I keep trying to hit on Harley Quinn, but she's dissing me big time.
Spiderman: Maybe you'd have better luck with, say....Buttercup!
everyone laughs
Luke: Oh yea? You should talk, Spidey! Who the hell is going to want you? You have a bobbing head!
Green Goblin: Ohhh bobbin' head? I think Aquaman may want to date you, Spidey. Hehehe.

A fight breaks out. Everyone jumps in. Rob Zombie and Evil Ash, who appear to be the bouncers, settle things down.

Wolverine: Didn't Vader say he was bringing the dip? I don't see any dip here.
Filler Bunny: I ate it all. Washed it down with a bottle of Tequila.
(Filler Bunny throws up all over the place)
Mr. Blonde: These are my good fucking shoes you idiot rabbit!
(He shoots Filler Bunny)

Snowman: Wow, we really made a mess tonight. There's no way we'll get this cleaned up before she gets in here.

Comic book guy: Dude, she is SO going to blog about this.


I bow before your comic genius.

Hee hee... damn, that was funny! You know there's a band called "Action Figure Party" and that's also the title of their debut single?

Beth keeps all her action figures at her office with the excuse that she uses them with her clients for play therapy. Maybe she better install one of those spy cams to keep an eye on them?

Hmmm, has someone had too much time on their hands? ;-)

I always have too much time on my hands. And I use that time so efficiently, as you can see.

John, tell Beth not to turn her back on those figures. They can be vicious.