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Just call me 13

Just call me 13

Today so far:

*Woke up at 3:53 a.m. by falling out of bed.
*Spilled a nearly full 5 lb. can of coffee all over the kitchen counter and floor.
*Fell asleep in the shower.
*Hit my head on the corner of the bathroom cabinet door.
*Went to check on site only to see it is not there.
*Natalie misses bus and needs to be driven to school, thus eliminating my stop at the deli for milk, so I get to work and make coffee and realize there is no milk and I now have to walk to the store.

The rest of my day will go thusly:

Stare at pile of work.
Pile of work will stare back with evil eyes.
Refuse to get up from desk for fear that something else will go wrong.
Continue staring contest with work.

Bad luck wind been blowing at my back I was born to bring trouble to wherever I'm at. Got the number thirteen tattooed on my neck. When the ink starts to itch, then the black will turn to red. I was born in the soul of misery, never had me a name. They just gave me the number when I was young

Ok, it's not that bad. Just need some coffee and donuts and everything will be ok.


oh goddess! If only kozmo was still around I'd send you a dozen!

Thanks for the reassurance that there is ALWAYS someone else having a better day. So, perversely, you've done your good deed for the day!

Augh!! And on a Friday, too. Major suckage.

I wonder if this will draw bad karma away from your Monday next week..?

As a sidenote: Did you ever finish reading A Confederacy of Dunces? I'm dying to know what you thought. :)

You seem to do just as badly with Fridays as you do with Mondays!

Ya know, whole bean coffee not only tastes a million times better - esp. if it's Peets - but grinding up beans first thing in the morning is very very satisfying. The sound of the grinder, coupled with the smell of fresh ground coffee, is more awakifying than any line of speed.

Plus, if you drop a bag of coffee beans, you can conceivably scoop them up (10 second rule!) and put them back in the glass snap-top jar thingy you'd keep them in.

I'd give you a few days of my unemployment, if I could...

Jess, if I started grinding coffee beans at 4am, there would be four people beating the crap out of me.

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