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way to go, Nat

way to go, Nat

I have written extensively in this place about Natalie and her travels through the special education system, and the naysayers who predicted a life of poor academic performance for my daughter.

So with that in mind, I am pleased to say we received a letter from school today that Natalie has made the Principal's Scholastic Roll for the 3rd quarter with an B+ average.

If you know me, and you know about Natalie, then you know how damn proud I am of her.


I'd like to say...congratulations! I salute you!


I've only been reading you site for about 2 weeks, but I read it every day. I feel, that's why I read your site. I can tell you feel,(by that I mean have a good heart) emotionally, like I do. And I'm happy that you feel good, for Natalie.
And I'm just a regular guy.

Way to go, Natalie.

Tell your mother she can breathe again!

Go Natalie!

Would there be any doubt that my clone would produce anything less? I'm proud of my girl!

punk rock shoutouts from oz - you go nat

Way to go Natalie!

You think she'd have some time to get me through college algebra?

way to go, Nat!

Ditto what they all said.