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tick tick tick

tick tick tick

Bouts of insomnia will bring on interesting thoughts. There is nothing like the dark of night and a mind that won't shut down to make you think the most absurd things.

So I spent over an hour last night staring at my clock and listening to it tick, tick tick, and thinking, what makes us tick?

Not in that physiological way of ticking, like how does our heart and liver and kidneys work, but the ticking that goes on in our brain. How some of our brains seem to be wired so differently, so randomly, that it makes you wonder if you are even in the same species as some people.

For instance, take you sense of humor. How did you come to have that humor? What portion of your brain decides that Pauly Shore is funny but Adam Sandler is not? I think about this because I don't get some things that other people do. And they don't get things that I do.

My sister says that Saving Silverman is a really funny movie. I watch it, or at least try to, and I realize that it's probably one of the worst movies ever made. Now, we are born of the same parents, were brought up in the same home, so why does she think that movie was hysterical while I thought it was crap? I suppose it's the same reason why she can listen to hair metal for hours on end and if I hear even one note of Skid Row my mind will shut down for the day.

So I don't get the 3 Stooges. I see it on tv sometimes and I try to find the humor in it, but I can't. I wonder what makes people think it's funny. And then I wonder if maybe it's not that their brains are miswired so that they find slapstick laughable, but that my brain is miswired so that I don't find slapstick laughable. I mean, it's not like I have this refined sense of humor or anything. I still love a good fart joke.

I don't get Adam Sandler or Tom Green or Jay Leno. Their humor does not appeal to me. Obviously, they appeal to a whole lot of people because they are stars. But why? Why does one person find Little Nicky funny while I wanted to kill myself for watching it?

It's the same with music. I can barely tell the difference between White Stripes and The Hives and The Strokes. It all sounds like minimialist retro crap to me. Same with the whole pop punk thing. But people obviously like it. So am I missing something or are they?

I don't get Andrew W.K. or Jimmy Eat World or the whole rapcore thing. Just as I'm sure people don't get why I like death metal or Radiohead.

It all just makes me wonder about how the human brain works. Why people hear things differently and react to things differently. What makes one person laugh at a dead baby joke and another person laugh at elephant jokes? Why can I laugh uncontrollably at fart jokes but find Freddy got Fingered to be repulsive?

I think I need to sleep more. Even nightmares are better than thinking of things like this at 3am.


I feel I have to comment on this, unfortunately the utter futility of my comments would deem them useless, at the very least I know that someone wouldn't agree with them, so I won't say a thing..
Isn't that what makes the world such a fascinating place?

Well, yea. If I wasn't so tired I would have remembered that the point of all this was that whatever the reasons for our differences, it sure makes the world a varied and interesting place.

I think that the world would be more interesting if everyone agreed with me on everything. Wouldn't you agree?

I am so glad to hear someone else say that they don't get Adam Sandler. I just thought that I was too old to get it. But I know funny and he isn't funny. I tried to watch Happy Gilmore once. I think that is the one (not sure cause they all are the same movie really) and when he got in the tub and started making the shampoo talk to the conditioner in his patented high pitched baby I wanta stick an ice pick through my ear voice, I turned that shit off.

I only like one Adam Sandler movie, and that was probably because he didn't act like a total dumbass in it like he did with all his other movies--and that was The Wedding Singer. Then too all the 80s nostalgia schtick made me wiggly.

But then I'm not too fond of Pauly Shore either. I sat through Jury Duty and wished I had that hour of my life back.

I love The Hives, because they are real. They believe in their music, and it comes from their minds and hearts, not from their hired-for-that-purpose songwriter. But that's not the topic :)

I'm not sure if the difference in people's ways of thinking makes the world a more fascinating place. I'm much more interested in people that share my sense of humor, my ways of thinking. Wouldn't you agree? I would not join the hair band community at http://xyz today, because they don't fascinate me at all. And I would not enjoy spending a tv evening with the group of people next doors that think Mr. Bean is hilarious.

Opposites attract each other? I don't think so - won't work in the long run. As for "So am I missing something or are they?" If they don't agree with me, then they are :)

let me assure you, saving silverman is a horrible horrible movie and your sister deserves to be heckled for liking it.

heh, kidding, but not about the movie being horrible. :)

people are usually reactionary, and since it's beyond human comprehension to list each and everything single thing that has shaped us the way we are, we'll never know what causes a person to develop different tastes.

of course, one day i'm sure scientists will create a gigantic database of potential influences using a population sample and probably be able to explain why people like movies like saving silverman, and before you know it, some major corporations would license the technology to create customized products.

ok, i'm blabbering now..

1. I NEVER SAID THE MOVIE WAS HYSTERICAL! I said I liked it, and yes, I thought it was pretty funny. I mean, watching people trip and fall is funny to me too, but it isn't really funny is it?. I have to justify this by stating I have had two friends in the past who were exactly like to two jerks in that movie, hence the reason I found it quite amusing.

Why didn't you also mention that I liked 'Dude, Where's My Car' too???

I blame the drugs.