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i've got a bad feeling about this

i've got a bad feeling about this

Sitting in my bedroom, I had this overwhelming sense that something terrible was going to happen. Not at that instant, but soon. It was a spine-tingling, bone-chilling moment, and I could not explain where it came from or why, but it was very, very real.

I went outside to get some air and it had just started raining. There was a fierce wind causing the trees to bend this way and that, and the sky was a mess of grays and blacks, with one small area that was the blue of a tropical ocean. I felt some kind of electricity in the air, electricity that was loaded with bad karma.

Back inside, I still couldn't shake the feeling. I took a long, hot shower and tried to convince myself that it was all in my head.

But here I sit now, still feeling like the wicked witch of the west just rode into town and she's carrying a load of evil potions.

I'm going to go watch Elmo in Grouchland.


freaky. like just now at work, I was reading what you wrote and radio plays White Lion's "When the Children Cry"....WHITE LION!..good god, bad 80's metal flashback.

i love elmo in grouchland! mandy patinkin is funny as heck in that movie.

I hate feelings like that. A couple of weeks ago I bolted up in bed about 5:30 a.m. and started crying. I didn't know why. We found out the next day that a friend of ours had been in hard labor for 32 hours and they ruled an emergency C-section was needed right about the same time I woke up. That kind of stuff always happens to me, and I'm like you...I want to hide 'til it goes away... Hope everything is all better now!

Although it may sound a little "blah"-like, I do believe it's got to do with that sort of weather. Electricity in the air, not being able to breathe thoroughly, a very oppressive mood. It can mess with you, but it doesn't necessarily mean, that something bad will happen.

Didn't you feel that once the rain came and left, it was a lot better?

You're right, Jael. I usually feel like this when storms are about to happen, but it was just very intense this time.

I didn't feel better until I woke up this morning and realized the world was still here.

Elmo in Grouchland. A haven of songs that will never leave your head for the rest of your natural existence.

I see it, take it, then I make it mine...

I still haven't gotten the songs from Follow That Bird out of my head from when my kids were little.

i think elmo is the gay barney! kiss my ass!

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hey who ever is saying that better stop, because my mom is dead. i hate when people mess with my fellings.

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