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math test

math test

Apparently everyone in this building (self included) is math illiterate. So please answer:

A phone call cost 45 cents per minute. You buy a card that allows you to have $50.00 worth of calls. How many minutes is that?

Show your work please.


Roughly 111 minutes.

( 50.00 \ .45 = 111.11 )

To work it visually, set it up like a fraction and cross multiply:

$ .45 = $50.00
1 min   &nbsp? min

50.00 × 1 = 50 \ .45 = 111.11

Ratios rock my ass

Ratios give me hives. Not on my ass, though.

For those of us who couldn't be bothered to think of how long 111.1111.... minnutes is. Here you go: 50$ card =1 hour and 51 minutes and about 7 seconds. :-)

And thank you, Glace. You get an extra 15 minutes of recess tomorrow.

But... if you have ever used one of those cards, you are aware that there is usually an extra "charge" per call! So in reality, you never know how many minutes you will really get.

I got 111 minutes too. I did it in my head though, so I don't have any work to show. (Sees little long division subtractings going on. See...45 goes into 50 once, and leaves five, drop the zero, giving you fifty which it goes into once, and it would keep doing that forever...so 111.1111....etc. But I bet the phone company rounds down.)

45 cents per minute = phone company is ripping you off. That's all you need to know as far as the equation goes. Any pushcart on the street'll sell you a phone card that can get rates as low as 5 cents per minute.

Actually, it's not a phone card. It's a card I get for my cell phone.

I had to get one of those pre paid thingies because they do credit checks for any other kind of plan and, well....that would not work out ok.

45 cents a minute is the maximum price. It goes by what hours you use it. After evening hours, it's only 15 cents.

Besides, I only use my cell phone for emergencies. I think I've made one call on it so far.

The other thing to remember is that most plans charge a MINIMUM of one minute, regardless the length of the call. So, if all your calls are short (a minute or LESS), you'll get 111 calls per card, maximum.

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