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i still hate george lucas

i still hate george lucas

A plot point of Attack of the Clones has been told to me and it changed the way I view life.

Well, not really. But it really did mess with my head. I'm a little shook up about the whole thing and I need to go lie down and recover. The core of my very existence has been shaken.

Yes, it's very sad that realizing the origin of one of my favorite characters from my all time favorite movie series is enough to shake my psyche. I am a sad, sad geek. I admit it.

I need a life.


But a sexy sad geek. And hey, it's a pretty cool thing!

how does this make you geekier than anyone else in the world? we all have our weakness that other people might scoff at...

Um, are you going to tell us what it is? If you just told us which character you mean, we could figure out the rest....

If you don't tell me I shall hurt you. Emotionally.

Apparently I am the last to know this thing. Of course, I have stayed away from every article and interview relating to Clones because I didn't weant anything to be ruined for me. So don't be surprised if you already know what I'm talking about.

Oh, my favorite character is NOT a good guy.

You're talking about Vader?

That's the only thing I can come up except for Boba Fett.

Or maybe you speak of Senator Palpatine? He's a looker.

Boba Fett. Yes.

Palpatine has a face not even his mother could love.

Does this mean a Yoda tattoo instead?

A tattoo that said "from above death it is, mm-ua-ha-ha"

Its been unconfirmed rumor for two decades almost that Boba Fett was the original Stormtrooper.