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question of the evening:

question of the evening:

If you were having a small, intimate wedding for 40 or so of your closest friends and relatives and you wanted it to be not an real wedding type affair but a celebratory party would you have it

a) in a restaurant
b) on a boat
c) in a park, followed by a picnic and games
d) in your sister's backyard
e) other (please explain)


First, Monday asked me to say, 'Yeah? Well, tell her same to her, double.'

Second - sister's backyard.

A few years ago, we attending a wedding in the bride's mom's backyard. It was casual, though everyone had on their best casual clothes. The bride and groom wore purple and black, and had bare feet (as did the rest of us, after a while). There was a large, rented tent over us, some tables for food (we could pick all evenin) and large wooden planters filled with wine and beer. The children were permitted to move about, and at one point the bride's youngest daughter walked up and held her mom's hand during the ceremony.

Not the sort of wedding for everyone, but aside from my own, the best wedding I've ever attended.

The invitations were all hand-written by the bride and groom, on handmade paper.

I might go for the boat if it means taking the wedding party out on open water (not just sitting in a dock). It isolates you from all others, it keeps things interesting for the kids, and nothing is a better symbol of getting married than taking a boat out on a journey (and occasionally puking over the side). If it gets boring, you can fish or work on your tan.

strip joint - even the kids can have fun that way....mummy, can i have some money to put in the stripper please?

Boat. Where else can you push irritating relatives overboard?

I say in your sister's backyard. Intimate. No one important will drown. Even if they're unimportant, you'll never hear the end of it. How you killed aunt whoever.

Hmmm. Boat is tempting - fun, exotic yet homely. Park is fun - grass! Trees! - but strangers can wander in. Sister's backyard is cheapest, but could be

I say go for the boat. Smush everyone together for maximum fun; if anyone needs to ignore anyone they can go to the other side. And I'm with Miguel for pushing people overboard.

Hmm. Part of my comment got eaten.
I said that your sister's backyard could be either the most comfotable or the most uncomfortable.
And I think it's good to be somwhere fresh and different for something like this.

Restaurant! Not having to cook, clean or serve makes it so much easier.

I'd opt for the boat - that type of setting has a tendancy to keep things light and fun. And if aunt whoever can't swim, there's always cousin so-and-so who can be the hero of the day by rescuing her. It'll make for great stories to be passed on at parties for years!

Party! on a BOAT! Definitely. If that would have been an option for our reception, I would have gone for it in a heartbeat.

First - sister's backyard because it's intimate, casual, and cheap. As long as your sister isn't too controlling about it.

Second - park - cheap and casual, just may have strangers. We're getting married on the beach, so we may have this problem. Hopefully most people will have enough manners.

Second - boat - again intimate and casual. Unique as well.

In a restaurant.
Multiple food selections. Waiters. No bugs. The restaurant, not you, will be held responsible if your guests get drunk. Get up and go - no clean-up.

incomplete comment. should have read:
"...if your guests get drunk and smash into a BMW parked on the street."

As long as it's not my dad's BMW. Once is enough.

When you say "boat", I assume you are talking a dinner cruise. I've been to all kinds of parties, in all kinds of venues, and my boat trips always are the most memorable. I am not a "boat person", so there's no built-in bias.

Boats beat parks because the cruises tend to be better managed (music and food), the ambiance is out of the ordinary, and if you get good weather (a prerequisite for ANY outdoor activity), the view is romantic and captivating.

So, it offers the best of all the other venues, with additional perks.

Boat or backyard. Parks you can do any day. Most important, don't sweat it.

I would do it in a garden, or park.. as long as you live somewhere where the weather isn't horrid unpredictable :)

restaurant. that's probly what we're gonna do.

I vote boat!

Some friends of mine had their wedding on a large sailboat and it was a great success. The size of the boat gave them a good excuse for not inviting a ton of people, and the kids who attended were able to entertain themselves. It is one of the most memorable weddings I've been to.

Maybe I should have mentioned that I have this horrid fear of open water.

The boat was obviously not my idea.