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dear monday, again

Dear Monday,

Fuck you.



Can I second that?

Dear Tuesday.

Eat shit. And tell your ugly cousins Wednesday and Thursday too!


P.S. Tell Monday to stop fucking with Michele or I'll bring Saturday and Sunday over to kick your ass!

Damn you Lacey.... I wanted to second that..

I guess I will have to stettle for thirds.

FU Monday

oh man... my monday's just starting. this does not bode well for rats... wait! my monday ended at 7am this morning (i work graveyard) and i'm workin' into my tuesday. i'll let you know how it goes :)

um, fuck monday afternoon too!

I laughed when I read dear monday until I read dear tuesday...

Since I'll be working until midnight (my hours are supposed to be 9-6), I will definitely say, "Fuck you, Monday!"

Amen Sister!

Jesus, you are third person today that I have heard this from.

This morning, Jasper kept going back to bed when I was trying to get him dressed. He would run all the way downstairs, yelling "I go bed," and I would find him there with the covers over his eyes. I had such a hard time convincing him that he needed to go to school. I should have taken a mental health day.

Saturday and Sunday get all the love.

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