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end of the day

end of the day

This was the greatest Mother's Day ever. Nothing spectacular happened. It was just very pleasant, very stress-free, very nice. Hope yours was as good.

If you were here earlier today, you might have noticed things going wrong with the site here and there, such as the comments. (By the way, everything is fixed so feel free to go back and make comments on the previous post if you will).

Dreamhost physicallly moved their servers last night and I guess there were some hiccups in the system. I emailed them (more than once, I am a pain in the ass), they replied quickly every time with a personal email and got right on the problems.

If you are ever looking for a host with fantastic customer service, Dreamhost is it.

And thus ends the commercial portion of our daily blog.


Glad to hear you had such a great Mother's Day -- you deserved it!

Baby you're right about DH. They really have great service when things go flooey. That's good, because that's generally when people have the worst service. And things go flooey with them rarely enough that it's shmoov. Note: You should tag a /rewards.cgi on the end of any link you make to DH. If someone goes with them after getting there from your link, you get a free month (or a set of steak knives or a toaster or something). Oh, and HMD.

Dreamhost has the best customer service hands down. And I think they are pretty darn fair about their pricing and referrals too!

DVG is right. I'm actually earning more money right now from the rewards program than I'm using, and it f*cking accrues. And they do rock.

Also, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. I called my mother this year. I don't think I've ever done that, which you'd have to be there to understand. But she was thrilled. Thank God for time passing to make relationships better.

Last thing: I am with you on the two Sundays per week. Monday has no leg to stand on.