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what a card, redux

what a card, redux

Below, the Mother's Day card I got in the mail to day from the divine miss b. (Photo by miss b. also)

what exactly is miss b saying about me here?

Captions, please.


Things to look forward to this Mother's Day: Getting too drunk to notice your kids are running around pantsless.

"Sinead O'Connor's daughter tries to escape"

Part of the "Illustrated Birds & Bees" talk my dear mom gave me. Care for a quick shag?

"That settles it; from now on we get 2-ply"

"That settles it; from now on we get 2-ply"

"That settles it; from now on we get 2-ply"

In case you didn't get it the first 3 times...

The "Mannequin" and the "Look Who's Talking..." movie sequel franchises collide into a co-sequel, causing several movie theatre chains to collapse in financial ruin.

Mommy, isn't this pool supposed to have some water?

I could have sworn there was a ladder here last time I looked.

Honey, next time the cat jumps the fence, remember to let go of the leash.

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