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Insider, Part 5

Insider, Part 5

I've been lax with my Blogger Insider duties.

Thanks to the patiend and kind Anita for answering my questions. My answer so her questions can be found here.

1. Are you a person who lives by routine or do you just let the moments happen as they may?
A: I live for the spontaneous moments and savour them when they happen, but otherwise I like some amount of planning in my life. I donít like being caught by surprise, especially if itís something not so nice in store!

2. Is there a song that can make you cry every time you hear it?
A: Not really. I cry quite easily though. Especially when I watch sad, soppy movies :)

3. What were you doing ten years ago from today? Five years ago? Last
year? WHat do you expect to be doing ten years from right now?

A: Ten years ago I was studying journalism. Five years ago I came back to India from Australia after studying (again!).

Last year I was working. Ten years from now I hope I will be travelling around the world, writing for pleasure and not be working for anyone!

4. Do you believe you were anything/anyone in a past life? If so, who/

I donít dwell too much on the past, so - no!

5. Describe yourself in haiku form.
Bright flowerÖ
playing with the sky
summer dream!

See? Iím not a poet, though I did have aspirations a long time ago!

6. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
I think I live a rather mundane life, where the most dangerous thing I do is travel by local trains, which in this city, is a rather dangerous activity, especially during peak hours!

7. Do we control our destiny or is it all planned out for us already?
I would like to believe that itís the former.

8. What's your earliest childhood memory?
I have this vivid memory of my mother putting on her lisptick while she put me in my crib. I was trying to get her attention by screaming and wailing and she ignored me completely. She then left the room without even turning around. I must have been about five or so. That is my earliest memory, which I now think was a bad dream. I have no memories of my life before that.

9. What was the last book you read? Was it good?
A book called ĎPersonality Plusí by Florence Littauer. It helps you determine which temperaments are your dominating ones - Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy or Peaceful Phlegmatic. And then helps you nderstand weakenesses and strengths accompanying each. I found it rather interesting (and enlightening!).

10. What's the first thing you thought of as you woke up this morning?
Oh, God, do I have to go to work today?!

Thanks, Anita!