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what a card

what a card

I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to figure out what I would write on Raising Hell for our Mother's Day posts. Sometimes I feel like I fucked up with my kids, especially DJ. I don't know what goes through his head sometimes. He is a confused little boy, fluctuating between supressed anger and this unbound love he wants to share, but is afraid to. He gets different views of how to present his feelings. Here, in my home, we are open and affectionate and treat each other with care and respect. But in his "weekend" home, things are different. They treat each other with no respect at all. They aren't open or honest and feelings are always supressed. So I was surprised and moved to tears yesterday when he came home from school with a Mother's Day card for me. Every word was written by him, and he beamed with excitment when he handed me the card. It was 4 pages long and he wrote:

My mom is caring.
She likes to play with me.
She always is there for me.
Sometimes she gets angry with me,
But the best thing about my mom is she loves me.

My mom is as nice as God.
My mom is like a butterfly.
My mom is as helpful as a doctor.
My mom is like a silver diamond.
My mom is as loveable as God.
My mom is like a golden charm.
My mom is as great as a million dollars.

Ten things I love about my mom:
She buys me clothes.
She is always there.
She teaches me manners.
She thinks about me.
She buys me lunch.
She loves me.
She helps me with my homework.
She buys me toys.
She cares about me.

She makes me feel special because she stays home when I'm sick when she will get in trouble. She spends $1,000 dollars on me for a brithday party.

My mom is a star.

He wondered why I was crying. We talked about good tears. He hugged me harder than he ever did before. I felt like his words were honest and real and not Hallmark type sentiments. This should keep me going until the next time he ties my shoelaces together or draws rotten teeth on a picture of his sister.


i've said it before, and it still is true - i think yr doing a pretty fine job


That's just beautiful. You should be so proud -- of him and of yourself.

Just so you all know, I did NOT spend $1,000 dollars on him for a birthday party. But if he thinks that, I'll just go with it.

That is so beautiful. Wow! Michelle you are doing an incredible job with those kids.

awww got me to tears dear... "love is a wnderful thing, sunshine through the pouring rain.. oh love.. love.. love is a wonderful thing".

See? See?! Every time you worry that your kids are having more "fun" with their father, you take out that card, missy. :) Commit it to memory, even.

"as nice as God. a silver diamond. a gold charm."

DJ makes me want to write poetry. thank you for sharing this wonderful mother's day treat.

that is bloody beautiful :) looks like he's got the writing genes from you too :)