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So I caught a lot of flak for the previous post about dotpaul.

Listen, I have no problem with people having opinions different than mine. And I have no problem with people shouting their opinions from the highest rooftop. But I take offense to the manner in which chose to state his opinion. The darwinism, the idea of what is normal and what is not, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

So I apologize for the way in which I lambasted him here on this site, but I do not apologize for 1) stating my opinion about his opinion and 2) commenting on his site, because when you state your opinion in a public forum that has the space to leave comments, you just open yourself up to responses.

That's that.

Anyhow, I redeemed my week from hell. When they updated our OS at work they sort of left a big gaping hole in the security on the system. By using my mad haxor skillz I was able to hook myself up with internet access. Yea, I know, they'll catch me some day. But it's not like I'm looking at porn. Much.

And can I say, Thank Fuck It's Friday. Mas Tequila!


To get AIM, I had to find the secret underground where proxy settings are passed surreptitiously from user to user ... I still can't get files through the firewall, though. But that's ok.

Me again. Re: dotpaul.com, I completely agree that the problematic part was not that someone felt gay people or single people shouldn't have kids, but that his post included words like "normal" [people not like me] and "disgusting" [people like me].

Don't worry I didn't take your posts personally. I actually enjoyed reading all of them. However, I do have one contention. You said, "I meant, "there is nothg a father couldn't provide for his daughter that a mother provides".

I disagree. My wife breastfeeds our son and there's no biological way I could do that. (And formula isn't the same thing at all.)

I thought personal websites was suppose to be where we aired our personal opinion, no matter how skewed or controversial?

Actually, Paul, that is not necessarily the case.

Father's Milk

Also, doing a google search for male lactation brings up any number of interesting articles on the subject.

Normal is a mathematical concept - and when people like Paul want to start applying it to proscribe behavior, I would hope they are prepared to defend what variables they chose, how they define their binning schemes, how many degrees of freedom there are etc.

I would hope that people's opinions are based on what they perceive as truth. People striving for some notion of the truth must embrace the idea of being challenged. Truth can easily withstand challenge and dissent, and everyone learns from being challenged in the process.

My "personal" opinion may be that 2+2=5, interjection from others give me the opportunity to defend it and learn more about it in the process. Some people are dedicated to the notion of personal opinions as untouched space. Some people are dedicated to striving towards truth, unhindered by it's elusiveness.

Funny you should say 2+2=5. I remember going to school, and having the damnedest time trying to understand how ANYTHING raised to the 0th power could be equal to 1, but 0 to the 0th power was NOT equal to 1.

OK, enough geekspeak.

You say anything you want here. This is your space, and you have every right to speak your mind. And people upset by dotpaul have every right to tell him so. He made it a public debate by posting his comments in a public forum.

I think dotpaul is a small-minded person that fears what he doesn't understand. He might consider me a godless freak. As long as we can talk about it without forcing the other to conform to our beliefs, I'm happy in my freakiness and I wish him well in his small-mindedness.

i would like to ask ... y do u think that zero to the zeroth power equal to one? please reply asap. Thank You for ur time. Much appreciation.

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