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repeat after me

repeat after me

Today will be a better day than yesertday.
I will not yell and scream.
I will not get frantic over things I cannot control.
I will not murder anyone.
I will resign myself to the fact that 4 years worth of work have vanished.
I will not point out anyone's stupidity.
I will smile.
I will eat Krispy Kremes for breakfast and I will drink my lunch.
I will not kick anyone in the balls.
I will not set anyone on fire.
I will resign myself to the fact that no one will accept resonsibility for their actions.
I will smile.
I will drink coffee and eat sugar and grin like a deranged bastard.
Today will be a better day than yesterday.

Now, being that I have vowed not to kill anyone today, will my dear, open-minded readers please go take this guy to task? I quote from him: If it were normal for same sex couples to have kids then God would have made it so they could procreate. As it stands they can't and it's not normal. It's not normal from a theological standpoint and it's not normal from a Darwinian standpoint either." Dotpaul, I unleash the dogs of hell on you.


Children need loving caregivers. The majority of those loving caregivers are opposite-sex couples. But that is NOT a prerequisiste to giving loving care. There are plenty of single parents who manage far better than two-sex couples for whom the child was "an accident." (Where was the loving care from Andrea Yates's husband?) And, there are increasing numbers of same-sex couples who are incredibly loving caregivers.

By the way, how does dotpaul presume to know what the plans of a deity might be?

The important thing is the loving care--whether it is from a single parent, custodial grandparents, a "traditional" couple, or two people who care deeply about each other AND children, but who just happen to be the same sex. A child is better off in a permanent loving home
than being bounced around in foster care.

Not to be the "tree-hugger" in the group, but if we just love each other wouldn't the world be a nicer place?

There are so many things that wouldn't even be an issue. Loving each other unconditionally would just solve so many problems. Sigh.

Argh! People like that drive me crazy!

Being as I was raised by two lesbians, I will be the first to say that he really isn't worth your or my time. In fact your feeding the fire by giving him hits on his website as well as lip service.

He's entitled to his opinion, as we all are. As long as his opinion does not carry the force of law, and we are free to choose for ourselves in this issue, then I think it is wonderful that he has an outlet to express himself. I'm more concerned about those that write and enforce laws, believing that they should force their personal opinion on everyone else. In states where it is currently illegal for same sex couples to adopt, the laws should be changed.

I think that Dan Quayle's comment about The Osbourne's being a good role model for parents, while Murphy Brown was not, is very telling of the fundamentalist type of logic. That is, it isn't very logical at all.

I will drink coffee and eat sugar and grin like a deranged bastard.

Right on, dude!

Nobody's comments here have addressed your verse - four years worth of work have vanished. Is this some reference to the events that caused you to create the "disappearing" post?

Tell us more, please.

dotpaul gets none of my time, energy, thoughts.

but bitch betta not come knocking on my door. that's for damn sure.

i got mad at him lastnight and have stayed mad, thinking of it off and on all day.

his latest "i don't know why single parents were insulted by this" just about made my head explode.

since when is "disgusting" not an insult? hello?

One thing that people always seem to overlook is that children are not raised in a vacuum. It is not a "two-parent household" or a "single-parent household" that raises a child. It is an entire community. The neighborhood, the schools, whether or not there are siblings. Whether or not there are grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. A spiritual community.

You can have the original, biological, mom-and-dad combo that love each other, etc. But if your neighborhood sucks, your schools lack the essentials, you never see your family, you have no spiritual foundation, no ties to the community - do you really think you're gonna raise a happy, successful, well-adjusted child? Doubt it.

It's a total package. No matter how it begins.

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